About the Author

Daniel J Rothery was born in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  Growing up alongside a forest on the shores of the pristine Okanagan Lake, he had amply opportunity to wander in, and wonder at, nature’s abundant mystery.  As a child he built forts, swam through reed forests, biked over rolling hills, created movies on his father’s silent film camera, and wrote stories on an ancient manual Brother typewriter.  Later, adventure, travel, and sport pulled him away from the electric typewriter he had upgraded to, and his writings were forgotten for two decades.

In the ensuing years he visited many lands, including living for extended periods in both Asia and Europe.  In addition to a myriad of lesser employments, he followed paths as SCUBA diving instructor, martial arts instructor,  real estate developer, and singer/songwriter (search for Dan Rothery and you’ll find lots of recordings and crappy videos).  On the side, he found time for plenty of off-road jeep escapades, D&D gaming (an effective outlet for his storytelling), enduro racing, mountain biking, triathlons, and more.  He also learned to speak multiple languages, though only enough to get himself in trouble in some.

When his sufficiently damaged, aching body complained loudly enough, he decided that there would be time to sit back down and let loose the torrent that had been building up within his creative mind.  His experiences in the music industry had set his mind firmly against the perils of marketing his own creations . . . and here we are.

Daniel J Rothery remains active by engaging in yoga, martial arts (somewhat more gently than in past years), and cycling.